Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Natural Answer to Cancer

A Natural Answer to Cancer

Isn't it strange that one hundred years ago cancer was a rare disease and now there are many types of cancers effecting an estimated one in four people? The truth is that cancer has been avoidable and curable for years. This is not just my opinion. These facts have been proven in scientific labs and more importantly, by people that have effectively removed cancer from their bodies via natural means.
Twenty years ago, Vitamin B-17 and Nitrilosides (also known as Laetrile and Amygdalin) were the subject of controversy when some top scientists claimed that consuming certain raw fruit seeds keep cancer cells from forming and kill such cells or masses. The hard-shell in the pit of the Apricot, for example, is a strong armor protecting one of the most important foods known to man and should never be thrown away. The kernal in the middle is chewable with a taste similar to a bitter almond, containing concentrated amounts of Vitamin B-17. This is a popular food source among cultures such as Hunzakuts, Abkhazians, and Navajo Native Americans. All of which have yet to report cases of cancer.
Dr. Krebs, the scientist known to discover B-17 asserts that seven apricot seeds per day will make it impossible to develop cancer in one's lifetime. Nearly all cases where high doses of B-17 were administered reported shrinkage of tumors. This, of course, is information the FDA and companies that manufacture and sell chomotherapy don't want you to know. I have yet to see a study by the FDA on the effects of Nitrilosides on cancerous cells. Could this be because it cannot be patented and thus, cannot produce millions of dollars? Many threats have been made to suppress this information from getting out as well as methods to force chemotherapy treatments on patients who suggest alternative methods such as Vitamin B-17. Additionally, many raids by the FDA are the reason they are not sold in grocery stores today due to this motivation.
B-17 can also be found in other fruit pits (plumbs, peaches, cherries, and apples), many grasses (i.e. wheat grass), Bitter Almonds, Millet, Lima Beans and many other foods. The Bitter Almond tree was also banned in the U.S. years ago. Are these bans justified? You be the judge. I've been consuming fruit seeds for three years now. Although, not in the manner Dr. Krebs suggested, but I have not been to see any doctor for at least five years.
I will conclude by listing, in addition to consuming fruit seeds and other foods with B-17 I've discussed here, some ways I have researched to avoid cancer tumors or unwanted growths.
- Avoid refined sugar as sugar feeds cancer.
- Cut down on caffeine intake to ensure healthy kidneys and liver.
- Avoid white flour as it turns into sugar within the body.
- Read your food labels very carefully.
- Educate yourself of the ingredients on the labels.
- Try to consume raw foods and avoid processed foods.
- Live and love life as you should and were meant to.
The preceding content in this article is derived from research and personal experience and is merely information. It is not to be taken as medical advice. Further, in addition to my distrust in pharmaceuticals, I have yet to discover research covering the interaction of nitrilosides with pharmaceutical medication(s) and strongly recommend that you do your own research and decide for yourself before adopting or applying the suggested material presented here into your life.


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